February Sewing Plan

With everything that happened in January, I did not get to complete everything from my January Sewing Plan.  Just because I didn't get to every thing on my list does not mean I'm not going to make them.

I am faced with a dilemma.  Do I push back my February plan to work on January items?  Or should I try to make  both my January and February Sewing list.  I would getting squeezing 9 items in one month.  That's aggressive!!  Do I value my sanity?  I think the best solution to this problem is to tackle one January item each month.  That sounds better!

Here we go.  My February sewing plan is... Drum roll please!!!

I promised one of my coworkers that I would make her a jacket. She loves my gray McCall 7441 and she wants one just like it.  That is what I will work on first.
Vogue 1531 
I need a dress for Valentine's Day.  This dress is perfect!  
 McCall 7042 View D

Blouse McCall 7542

I think my list will keep me busy!  Ok I have some sewing to do!!!