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2016 Year Review

In 3 hours and 48 minutes it will be the wnd of 2016 and the beginning of 2017!!!!

This year I embarked on an adventure to become a sewist.  It's crazy how time flies.  I've learned so much.

My adventure began around April with my Mimi G lime green Maxi skirt/dress
to using my first sewing pattern (baby set) It's So Easy Simplicity 1188 in June

to making my first gown Vogue 1520 in December.

Here's a list of the garments I made this year.

Baby L 

1) Nursing Cover
2) Pink Gingham Set
3) Pink & White Polka Dot Booties
4) Yellow & White Peasant Dress
5) White Leggings
6) Front Pocket Bib

Babette ( 2 Year)
1) See and Sew Cross Back Shorts Set
2) White and Red Shorts

Babouska (6 Year)

1) See and Sew Cross Back Shorts Set
2) Purple Floral Dress (it's in the garment graveyard)
3) Simplicity 8202 purse
4) Simplicity 8202B White floral dress

Bam Bam (My Son)
1) Red Cargo Pants (It's in the garment graveyard)

Booboo (11 Year Old)
1) Simplicity 1165 Blue multi shorts

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. I love the holidays!  Everyone is cheerful and have high spirits.  Every year, I try to learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in a different language.

French "Joyeux Noel!"
Spanish "Feliz Navidad!"
Arabics "Eid Milad Majid (عيد ميلاد مجيد) Which means 'Glorious Birth Feast'"
Hawaiians "Mele Kalikimaka"

This year I've decided to learn how to say Merry Christmas in Italian "Buon Natali!!!"

Happy Holidays!!!

Vogue 1520 Drum Roll Please

1520 is ready to go!  I was able to complete it in time for the Company Holiday Party.  I wore it with a pair of Black Velvet heels (I don't remember where I bought them).  I live in South Florida.  Even though it is "winter" it is 72 degrees outside.  So I decided not to add the sleeves.  Who knows, I might add the sleeves later.

Please see my review below
Pattern Review Pattern Description:
Very close-fitting, lined dress has right armhole and left side gathers, lower left side seam with slit, back-V, bateau neckline, invisible zippers at back and sleeve seams, and train. Optional: Beaded trim.

Pattern Sizing:
14 to 22

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
For the most part.  I decided not to install the sleeves.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
It was straight forward.  There was some confusion with the lining, but I figured it out.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I liked everything …

Vogue 1520 5 days left

The invisible zipper battle is over.
It's fitting time.  Sorry I look a mess.  It was late and I was exhausted!!!
Looking good so far. And here's the zipper.

Now I'm at war with the lining. Lol!! It seems pretty easy but, I can't seem to wrap my head around lining the zipper.  

 Thank goodness for instructions!!

Vogue 1520 6 Days Left

Why's time flying?  There's still so much to do.
So I've made it through steps #1-7.  Now #8 is a tricky one--the invisible zipper.  Considering I've never installed a zipper before I probably shouldn't have selected this project. But I love a challenge. 
Round 1 DING! DING!
The invisible zipper was not friendly.  So I lost the first round.
Never underestimate your opponent.

It took about three tries before it looked ok.  So for 2017 I need to practice installing zippers.

Spring! Where?

Is it almost spring?  Living is South Florida I can barely determine the season.  In the morning it feels like spring.  By midday it feels like summer.  Sometimes in January we will get a cold front which renders us one week of winter weather.  Besides that it is always summer.

McCall Pattern Company has come out with their Pre-Spring pattern.  I have to admit that I'm in love.  They have designed some trendy patterns. That I have to make.
This is my favorite!!!!  I would love the same floral print fabric from the pattern packet cover
I saw this top in the mall the other day.  The store only had a size small left.  So I left there pretty disappointed.  Thank McCall for making my day. 
I might make view A and D.   View A's cape would bring out my superpowers!! Do you see the sleeves on View D?  I love tops with sassy sleeves!
This is a nice basic top with something to say.  The cold shoulder makes a statement.

My girl would love this top.
Back to Vogue 1520. 

Vogue 1520--7 Days Left (Working with Velvet)

Working with Velvet

Velvet is kind of tricky.  I've heard this saying a million times.  But I am going to say "Velvet can be tricky to work with unless you have the right tools."  I have a feeling that this time next year I am going to work with velvet again.  So I am going to take good notes.

Velvet slides easily, so pin about every centimeter.
Cutting: use a good pair of scissors.   tried both a rotary cutter and a brand new pair of scissors.  The scissors worked beautifully.
Ironing velvet is terrifying.  Use a hand held steamer.  Steam velvet upside down
Do not fold velvet, hang it up on a hanger attaches to safety pins
Before cutting check the nap.
When selecting a project try to select something simple without darts

Pressor Foot: Walking Foot
Sewing Machine Needle: 70/12
Thread: Silk
Pins: extra long satin pins

Final tip: When you're done making your project Rock it like a Rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!

Vogue 1520 8 Days Left

✔Learning and singing and singing and learning in the rain.

This is my first adventure with Velvet.  I had to figure out how to cut the fabric on the "nap"
The Nap of my fabric not a nap on my bed. (A midday nap would be nice!). So the nap can be determined by running your hand on the fabric.  One direction will feel nice and smooth while the opposite direction will feel rough.   The soft and smooth side is the right way.  One I figured out the nap, I drew an arrow with chalk on the fabric to indicate the nap.

Next consists of cutting my pattern pieces

As for tools needed:
✔Red velvet fabric
✔2 7 inch zippers for sleeves
✔1 22 inch zipper for back of dress
✔Stretch needle
✔Silk thread

Step 1 involved ruffling the armhole and front bodice side.  For some odd reason I love ruffling.  More tomorrow...

Progress Report Now that you've seen my progress on 1520, here's an update on 2016 Sewing Plan.  My goal is to complete every project by December 31st. 
Simplicity 8202B: …

Holiday Party Dress 10 Days

Stressful!!!  I love a challenge.
Last night I spent the night working on a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) and a Muslin.  I have only 11 days to make this dress.  I'm sweating and panicking.  My challenge begins with a Full Bust Adjustment.  There's two ways to do an FBA: cutting the pattern in 3 places or a pivot.  Vogue 1520 bodice is one full piece with the left and right sides so I decided to explore the pivot method.
After tracing the front bodice on newspaper, I proceeded to pivot the original pattern 1.5 inches on both sides of the bodice.

Here's my new front bodice. Then I made a purple muslin using some leftover Interlock fabric.  The interlock fabric was perfect to use as a muslin, because it has the same amount of stretch as my stretch velvet fabric.  The muslin was very large in the waist line so I scaled down 2 inches for the waist.  Tomorrow I will cut out my fabric and complete step one. Hopefully...

Holiday Party Dress 12 days left

A few weeks ago I purchased Vogue Pattern 1520 and beautiful red velvet.  So my company's Holiday Day Party is coming up and this is the dress that I HAVE to wear.  Tonight I will work on a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) and hopefully have enough time to make a muslin. I have 12 days, 8 hours, and 15 minutes left. Let the challenge begin...