McCall Summer Patterns

It was a great weekend!  I got to spend quality time with my family.  It is crazy how time flies when you're having fun.  Well it's Tuesday and McCall finally released their summer patterns.  I was waiting on the edge of my seat for them.  I have to admit, I am disappointed.  McCall's spring pattern were beautiful and trendy.  I feel that their Summer line has a lot of repeats.  They're a few pattern that I would like to sew this summer.

McCall 7595 View B and C wrap around neck is a great summer look.

McCall 7587 I am in love with View A the handkerchief hem is adorable

McCall 7589 This view will look great on my daughters

McCall 7590 YESSSSSS!  What else can I say about this pattern YESSSS!  My 7 year old told me that she wants this in a pink floral pink. (Isn't she bossy LOL!)
McCall 7593  I want view B in orange.  I kind of like View C.  I am going to wait for other sewist to make this pattern before I make my final decision.

McCall 7596  View A  Super cute especially with the sleeve tie.  I think I might make two of these. 

View 7597:  I kind of like View B

McCall 7599:   A Few days ago, I saw a picture of a vintage dress similar to View B.  I have been looking for a pattern to match that view and now it is here.  I think they made this pattern just for me.

McCall 7601:  I love all 5 views

View 7602  My heart stopped when I saw this pattern.  On my word!  I need it now.  When's the next pattern sale?
McCall 7603:  This pattern is okay.  View A is cute

icCall 7605: The open back is cute but I don't' think I will make this pattern

McCall 7606:  This is different.  I don't think I will make this pattern but anything can happen.

McCall 7607:  I am in love with view C. ANDDDD I love the View A paired with View D

McCall 7608: Cute
McCall 7609:   Hello!  Have you seen View B?  YES! YES! YES!

McCall 7610:  View D has a hood.  I am obsessed with hoods.  I like view F to lounge around the house.
That's all for McCall's Summer Patterns.  I like more pattern than I thought I did.  Oh well! 
~Happy Sewing!