Simplicity 1382 update

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

It is a beautiful day and I am excited about working on Simplicity 1382.  Last night, I made some progess.  I made 5/8 seam allowances around the neckline and 1 inch seam allowance on the side bodice.  It's not perfect but we're getting there.

I posted my fitting woes on Sewing Pattern Review.  In order to keep the heart, a lovely ladies suggested interfacing the heart.  Brilliant!

Today, I am going to work on the bubbling neckline.  And adjust the stop right strap of the heart.  Tomorrow, I hope to have perfect bodice and start working on the skirt.


A few months ago, I had some fitting issues with my "Anniversary Dress."  I was so frustrated with the fitting progress that I put in a basket and never looked at the muslin again.  This process has motivated me to tackle that dress again. 

Here it is! Vogue 1531.
So that will be my next project.

Some other items on my To Do List:
-A hat for work ( I will explain more later)
-A present for my coworker
-A knit dress
-A skirt and knit top for church

Have a great weekend!!!