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Wait!  I forgot to mention my 15-minutes of sewing.  Earlier this week I mentioned that I would post updates on my 15 minutes of sewing at least twice a week.  Here we go:

15-minute Sew-a-long:
 McCall 7573 pattern pieces cut.  My fabric arrived today from Fabric Mart.  I am not fully in love with my fabric selection so, I going to continue my search as I work on a muslin.  I would do a cart wheel (I'm going to break my neck doing it because I don't know how to do a cartwheel).
Sewing Week at a Glance I was extremely frustrated with the bodice of Simplicity 1382.  I left it on my sewing machine for two days before I decided to touch it again.  I'm starting to think my issues stems from the fabric I am using...??? I did some adjusting to my muslin for Vogue 1531.  I have some extra fabric in the neckline.   I was able to complete Kwik Sew 4207 but my neck binding is horrible.  I need lots and lots of practice.  Sewing Plan I have quite a few items cut and ready for assembly. …

Simplicity 1382 Round #12,251,530

Here's my update as of last night.  There's a few things going on:
What is going on with the neckline?
Loose on the sides

I pulled in the bottom button section and that helped with the looseness.  The heart shape looks much better. 
It's crazy how much you see in a photo

More Animal print skirts McCall 7540

I made A skirt, McCall 7540 View B a few weeks ago for my mother.  I love her skirt so much that I wanted one for myself .   Unfortunately,  I did not have enough fabric to make this pattern for myself so I made a modified version of View B.

I reviewed this pattern before.  You can find it here.

For my skirt, made some Modifications:

-I used the front and back skirt from the pattern
-I did not cut the flounce piece included in the pattern
-I cut a long strip of fabric about 8 inches wide
- I made a 1 inch hem ( I know that is backwards)
- I gathered the long strip of fabric
- I adjusted the gathers to fit the hem of the skirt
Last I attached the flounce to the hem of the skirt
Sorry about the dark photos.
The first time I wore this skirt it was too loose. I wanted this to look like a pencil skirt with a mix of spring. I removed 2 inches from the side seams. 
I went back to the drawing board.  Better yet, the sewing machine.
Here's the updated skirt.  Isn't is beautiful!
Sewing …

Simplicity 1382 update

Good morning and Happy Saturday!

It is a beautiful day and I am excited about working on Simplicity 1382.  Last night, I made some progess.  I made 5/8 seam allowances around the neckline and 1 inch seam allowance on the side bodice.  It's not perfect but we're getting there.

I posted my fitting woes on Sewing Pattern Review.  In order to keep the heart, a lovely ladies suggested interfacing the heart.  Brilliant!
Today, I am going to work on the bubbling neckline.  And adjust the stop right strap of the heart.  Tomorrow, I hope to have perfect bodice and start working on the skirt.
A few months ago, I had some fitting issues with my "Anniversary Dress."  I was so frustrated with the fitting progress that I put in a basket and never looked at the muslin again.  This process has motivated me to tackle that dress again. 

Here it is! Vogue 1531. So that will be my next project.
Some other items on my To Do List: -A hat for work ( I will explain more later) -A …

Continued effort

Shhhhhhhh my seam ripper is working!!!!

Hahaha 😂

I'm working on Simplicity 1382 and I'm optimistic. I posted my issue on the Sewing Pattern Review forum.  The ladies gave me awesome advice.  Now I have to try to do what they suggested.   Woe is me!!!

Fitting! I am about to Scream

I didn't realize how difficult it would be to figure out fitting.  Why is it so difficult?  I think I am going to stick with knits.  At least for a little while.   I hate making muslins.   But for my daughter's dress I had to make a muslin. Plus I graded up the bodice pieces.  Everything worked out ok but now it looks frumpy.
I made the muslin with a cotton blend fabric I found in Walmart.  It was super cheap so why not?  My muslim came out okay and only needed a little adjusting so I moved on the fashion fabric.

My fashion fabric is a stretch satin.  I don't know how because there absolutely 0 stretch.  Anywho it's a beautiful fabric.

My first fitting in the fashion fabric looked like this.

I originally did not sew 5/8 seams. My seams were closer to 3/8 because I wanted to ensure the bodice wasn't too small. But the bodice was too loose.

Horrible pictures

Then I took in 1 inch.  Now it looks out of wack and the heart is distorted. What did I do wrong?   Is it the…

Zipper Back Pencil Skirt

😐 After making my Company Holiday Party Dress, I had a little over a yard and a half of fabric left. I do not believe in wasting fabric and I use my resources wisely (I am a Girl Scout).
 I do not own a pencil skirt that hugs my figure.  For some odd reason I can never find a decent pencil skirt.  If you find a RTW plus size pencil size that will flatter my figure please let me know! I could not find a simple pencil skirt pattern for stretch fabrics.  I achieved this look with Mimi G's Simplicity pattern #1283.  I cut the skirt back and the lining front to make this skirt.  Yes, that's what I said, the lining front.  I had to refer back to my tips for working with Velvet.  Thank goodness for taking good notes.
This skirt was less than a yard to make. I knew it would be hella cute with a zipper back.  
Front Dart woohoo!!!! The hem of my skirt is actually the salvage of my fashion fabric.  I love the salvage so much that I wanted to show it.  And there it is!
The hardest part…