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Working with Faux Suede

I love love love McCall 7441!!!!  I love it so much that I made another one.  Yep, I said it, I made another one.  This time I made View A using an olive ultrasuede.  It is absolutely beautiful and an easy make. 

This was my first time working with Ultrasuede.  I am a beginner, I'm not supposed to work with difficult fabrics.  Why do I keep challenging myself?  The answer is simple: thats the only way to learn and improve my sewing skills.

Before starting a project you're supposed to prep your fabric. Thankfully this faux suede can be laundered in cold water.

 I was going to take my fabric to the dry cleaners.  It completely slipped my mind.  It wasn't until I started cutting that I realized that I did not prep my fabric.  After kicking myself, I threw my fabric in the wash with Woolite.  I rushed to my phone and researched the best way to dry faux suede.  I found many different answers but the most common was to lay my fabric flat to dry. Some researches suggest brushin…

Dreaming of Skirts---Simplicity 1104

Shopping!!  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I skip it all together (which is never good).  The other day, I was in the mall with my husband, I found the cutest peplum top. I just needed a cute skirt to pair it with.  Usually I would buy a solid print skirt or a pair of black pants.  This time I wanted 1 skirt a cute print.

I left the mall without finding the skirt of my dreams. Thankfully I have taken on an awesome new hobby...SEWING!!!

Off to the fabric store I go. My local store has a nice selection of African print fabric.  I'm not sure if they're authentic but they're beautiful!   I knew I could find a skirt sewing pattern in my stash that would go nicely with my top.. Sooooo my next adventure begins!
Absolutely Love it!!!!

Pattern Review
Pattern Description:

This stylish pattern features pleated peplum tunic and dress with squared off V-neckline, slim knee-length skirt with slit, or knit leggings with exposed back zipper.

Pattern Sizing: 

14 to 22 

Did it look like the p…

My Encounter with Dangerous Fabric---New Look 6388

My family has absolutely no respect for my Sewing Plan!!

This adventure begins with my ll year old daughter telling me "Mom, I have a Valentine's Dance on the 10th.  So we hit the stores and come out empty handed.  My loving husband suggests that I should make her dress.  It's an awesome idea but amthere was one problem.  I had only 4 days to make a beautiful Valentine's Day dress.My daughter and I searched online for some inspiration and found "the One."

Out of nowhere in my pattern stash I found New Look 6388.  I don't remember when I bought this pattern or why?  But God knew this day was going to happen.

In the mist of the chaos, I started to panic. I have never worked with Tulle or Sequin.  So I accepted my fate and plunged into this new episode of sewing with "dangerous fabric."

New Look 6388 was the perfect pattern to start with. I cut View D for the bodice front and  View A for the bodice back and sleeves.
Fushsia tulle
Cutting sequin …

Tulle Skirt

So you want to work with Tulle Fabric.  DONT DO IT!  RUN!

I'm joking. It is not easy. My sewing machine does not like Tulle.  Tulle is absolutely beautiful and with time and patience I know I can make some beautiful garments.

I am going to challenge  myself to work with Tulle at least one more time before the end of the year.  If anyone has some tips please share it in the comment box below.

Cutting Tulle was tricky.  my first try left me with an uneven end.  It took a few tries to even out the edges. The best way I've found to manage tulle is scotch tape.  Yes I said scotch tape.   After cutting the tulle I applied tape to the seam allowance to keep the tulle together. 
After sewing the tulle together, removed the scotch tape.

My daughter loves this skirt. It fun and cut for a preteen.

Basketballs on Fleek--I mean Fleece Simplicity 8179

I'm sewing fleece again!!!  What was I thinking?  I have to admit it was easy this time.
I used the same tricks I used last time. My favorite is my technique to get the fleece to go through the feed dogs.

My fleece trick is pretty simple.  Step 1:  Thread a sewing needle
Step 2: Hand sew two stitches
 Step 3: Position your fabric on the sewing machine
Step 4:  Start sewing while pulling the thread from your threaded needle. Step 5: Cut of the thread and continue to sew.

My son loves basketball which makes
 this fabric perfect. When he saw his new pair
 of fleece pants he gave me a huge hug.
He knows how to make my day!!!

This pattern is originally from my January Sewing Plan.  Simplicity 8179 is my surprise project from my February Sewing Plan.

Simplicity 8179 was an easy sew. If you're planning to make this pattern with the cuff do not use fleece. Fleece is too thick to achieve a Rtw look.
Pattern Review
Pattern Description:

Lounge pants for the whole family in matching or …

Working with Sequin

I recently had the opportunity to work with a beautiful piece of fabric...Sequin.  Sequin is beautiful but not so easy to work with. I've learned a few things that I wanted to keep a note of.
1) Cutting Sequin makes a huge mess
2) Have patience.  The end result is worth it
3) When selecting a project pick a simple pattern with few darts 
4). Wear goggles-This fabric is dangerous!!!  Read more about it above

The sequin pieces must go in the same direction. 
When cutting,the sequin fabric pieces must face down.

Cutting pattern pieces
Wear eye wear to protect your eyes from flying pieces of sequinCut the pattern pieces from the wrong side of he fabricCut a single layer of fabric at a time.  If a pattern piece needs to be cut on the fold, trace one side of the pattern piece and then carefully flip the pattern piece on the center fold and then trace the other side of the pattern.Cut sequin fabric with a rotary cutter or a pair of cheap scissors
Pins and needles
Use an extra sharp fine point s…

January Wrapup

First month of the new year and I think I've started the year off on the right foot.  My original sewing plan suffered from some obstacles.

The wrenches from the obstacle course took my family and me to the COLD and WET Northeast.   So I did some winter sewing before the trip and a little after

In preparation for our trip, I made a baby bunting out of fleece See & Sew 6364.  I forgot how cold it could get in the winter.  When it was time to go outside I dressed my little one in a sleeper underneath her bunting and a coat on top of it.  The bunting was a huge success.

Then I made my super cute jacket using McCall 7441. I love it so much that I've already worn it three times.
To bring back a memory from my teenage days, I decided to make a fleece skirt using New Look 6129.  I am in love with this skirt. I was in love with it then and I am madly in love with it now.
To end the month on the right foot, I made Vogue 7464, a stunning hat for my mom.

Unfortunately, I did not a…

February Sewing Plan

With everything that happened in January, I did not get to complete everything from my January Sewing Plan.  Just because I didn't get to every thing on my list does not mean I'm not going to make them.

I am faced with a dilemma.  Do I push back my February plan to work on January items?  Or should I try to make  both my January and February Sewing list.  I would getting squeezing 9 items in one month.  That's aggressive!!  Do I value my sanity?  I think the best solution to this problem is to tackle one January item each month.  That sounds better!

Here we go.  My February sewing plan is... Drum roll please!!!

I promised one of my coworkers that I would make her a jacket. She loves my gray McCall 7441 and she wants one just like it.  That is what I will work on first.
Vogue 1531  I need a dress for Valentine's Day.  This dress is perfect!    McCall 7042 View D M7150
Blouse McCall 7542
I think my list will keep me busy!  Ok I have some sewing to do!!!