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A student once again

I consider myself a beginner to garment maker not to sewing.  When I was a teen my mom taught my brother and me how to sew home d├ęcor.  After all these years I still get a rush when I sit in front of a sewing machine.  As a baby to garment sewingI'm learning a lot.  It feels good to learn something new.  YouTube and Sewing Books, and sewing magazines like Threads and Vogue Pattern have blown my mind.  So much to learn.

In order to start my journey I knew I needed to get a sewing refresher.  There's some awesome beginner videos on YouTube which are linked below.
Mimi GGertieAnita by Design I've watched all of their videos and each one taught me a lot!!!

Threads Magazine has a great article "Sewing Tip: How and Why to Sew Directionally".  I never knew there was a direction to sew.  I wish I found this article before I sewed my first garment. 

Many of the blog sites use abbreviations.  I have to admit that I was intimidated but not anymore.  Here's some of the a…

Duct Tape Madness

For about two months I have been looking for a dressform. Joann's has the Dritz My Double Dressform for $300.  If a wait for an awesome sale or coupon I could probably pay half price for it.  Or I will have to save up money to it full price. Until I found this awesome video.

Last night, I'm at home and a light bulb lights up! Bing!   I should make a dressform!  There has to be a way to make one.  After searching online, I found an awesome video on YouTube.  Check out this video if you would like to make a duct tape dress form.

You will need a lot of duct tape.  I used 5 rolls of duct tape and ran out in the process of applying the 3rd layer.  The video recommends 5 layers.  My awesome husband was very patient with me last night. 

My family sat in the living room looking at me like a MAD WOMEN!  I couldn't stop laughing.  So the first part is done. 

Tonight my new dressform will be filled with newspapers.
It is not pretty but its the right measurements.

She needs a name P…

Simplicity 8202B Part 1

I'm a newbie!  So every sewing site and books states that newbies should avoid fabrics that require matching.  I understand but I couldn't help myself.  This fabric will look great on my daughters.

Cutting fabric is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  So I am trying something new. It was interesting nonetheless.  It took half the time to cut the fabric. Woohoo!  We're getting somewhere!  Tonight I will start the first dress.

I love a PATTERN sale!!!

Today is the last day of Joann's sewing patterns sale.  $0.99 for Simplicity patterns $1.99 from McCalls patterns and $4.99 for  Vogue patterns.

I walked to the pattern drawers and almost fainted when I saw the sale sign.

So you know that vogue released their Winter line.  I had my heart set on Simplicity 8229 (i wanted to venture into making bras.) and some of the winter vogue patterns but my nearby Joann's was sold out.  I did grab some patterns on sale.
Did I mention I have 4 girls.  
My mom loves hats so she will live this Vogue pattern.
 Mimi G- all I can say is beautiful!
I hope these two will look good on me.
I love the back!
Well I have some sewing to do!

Vogue you did it again !!!

I've never thought of wearing a pantsuit.  I just don't think it will look good on me.  But, after looking at Vogue's new patterns I am will to give it a try.   Oh Vogue why do you taunt me?  LOL
This dress would look great for the company Holiday Party.
How can you say no to this top? And this one... I can hear them whispering.. "sew me", and I'm saying there's not enough time in the day.  But I will definitely try.  Hehehe.

Hurricane Purse

Living in South Florida has its flaws. Flaw # 1 to 100 hurricane season.  So Hurricane Matthew wanted to visit us this week   I've never experienced a hurricane so it was a big deal and my husband was panicking.  But God is awesome and didn't allow Matthew to come.  We had some rain and wind and we lost power for an hour but that was it.
Yesterday, I left work early which means one thing...extra time to sew. :-)  WOOHOO!  Please meet my hurricane purse

Pattern: Mccall 9132

Fabric: Canvas purchased at Hobby Lobby

Lining is a quilting cotton purchased at Wal-Mart

Mccall 9132 took a lot longer than it should have taken.  I didn't do a good job following the instructions.  I should have my kids give me a lecture about following directions.  :-) Pieces were sewn on wrong, I do not own a zipper foot, and I broke 2 needles. Horrible!!!  Now I'm best friends with my seam ripper.

Lesson learned!

What should I make next???

Simplicity 8202E--Oh yeah!!

Well I'm celebrating two birthdays in 4 days.  My beautiful 6 year old daughter and my handsome 9 year old son.  I decided to use my new skill to make something for my baby girl.  It took me three days to try to complete this project between work and being a mom. 

My daughter loves pink and flowers.  We found this beautiful cotton fabric at Joann's.  I really love that place!!  I made Simplicity 8202 Pattern E the little purse on the right.

Finally a great project for a newbie like me.  It allowed me to practice skills that I know and learn a new skill- Lining.  I used a bright pink/fuchsia cotton fabric to line her purse.  The instructions asks to cut the other material 4 times but I wanted the lining brighter than the other fabric. 
This is a awesome pattern to try.  My daughter wants dress B.  Of course I have to make my little girl happy so I need to figure out how to make it.