Working with Sequin

I recently had the opportunity to work with a beautiful piece of fabric...Sequin.  Sequin is beautiful but not so easy to work with. I've learned a few things that I wanted to keep a note of.

1) Cutting Sequin makes a huge mess
2) Have patience.  The end result is worth it
3) When selecting a project pick a simple pattern with few darts 
4). Wear goggles-This fabric is dangerous!!!  Read more about it above

The sequin pieces must go in the same direction. 
When cutting,the sequin fabric pieces must face down.

Cutting pattern pieces
  • Wear eye wear to protect your eyes from flying pieces of sequin
  • Cut the pattern pieces from the wrong side of he fabric
  • Cut a single layer of fabric at a time.  If a pattern piece needs to be cut on the fold, trace one side of the pattern piece and then carefully flip the pattern piece on the center fold and then trace the other side of the pattern.
  • Cut sequin fabric with a rotary cutter or a pair of cheap scissors

Pins and needles
  • Use an extra sharp fine point sewing machine needle. I used a size 70 needle.
  • Have a spare needle invade the first one breaks
  • Use extra long dressmaker pin

Sewing and Seams
  • To avoid having bulky seams, remove all sequin along your seam allowance.  That is where patience comes in.  Save some of the sequin.  The extra sequin can be used to fill any bare spots.
  • Do not use a serger for you seams. Instead use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine
  • Pressing seams
  • Keep in mind that sequin is plastic and it can melt. If you have to press your seams use a pressing cloth and low heat.
  • After sewing open up your seams by hand
  • I recommend using a 3.0 or long stitch length

  • Line your garment with something soft like Jersey
  • Everyone make a sequin top, it's cute but old.  Get creative make a sequin skirt.  Orrrrrrr make a Sequin bomber jacket.  I think I'm going to do that.

If you have any additional tips for working with Sequin please leave it in the comment section below.

~Happy Sewing!~

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