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Vogue 8898...Problems

It's early.  A little too early.  Well, I made it.  Vogue 8898 is a beautiful dress... at least the picture on the envelope is.  My version was extremely large.  I removed 4.5 inches . From the sides.  I added 2 inches to the length.  Now I need to figure out how to fix the arm holes.  After doing some research I think I need to do a full bust adjustment (FBA).  Every site shows how to do it on a pattern but how do I do it on a garment?

On another note I am working on a bag for my daughter.  Last night, I cut the pattern on outer fabric but I forgot to buy some lining.  I guess I have some shopping to do after work.

To do

Well, I decided to make a sewing plan so I can stay focused.  I am currently working on Vogue 8898.  I'm having some trouble with the belt tie.  From this pattern I noticed how important the patterns markings REALLY are.  Is there any tips to transferring the pattern markings? Hopefully when I'm done with my masterpiece I will make New Look 6487 for my oldest daughter.  I found a beautiful blue shirting material at Joann's.

The cape below is a dream.  It cost over $3,000 so I figured I would purchase the pattern and make.  Once I get stronger in sewing I plan to make a cape similar to this.  This cape is the light at the end of the tunnel or better the middle of the tunnel.

First pattern just for me. VOGUE 8790

I've made a few garments without a pattern.  Some items I have not worn.  I think I've made about 25 items.  This first pattern for myself  is a beautiful blouse.  I love wrap blouses and wrap dresses.  I think I look good in them.  Wait... I make them look good. :-).
Blue is my favorite color.   Fabric used: Rayon Spandex I selected this blouse because it's labeled very easy.  So I am a newbie but this pattern was not very easy.  I'm not complaining, I do love a challenge. 
I love this blouse so much that I'm making one with 3/4 sleeves for my mom with a yellow Rayon Spandex.
The finished garment was very long so I cut off 2.5 inches.  
I'm going to wear this blouse on Sunday.  I will upload a picture then.

Back to my Day Job

Today was my second day back to work.  I worked yesterday and today and I am exhausted.  I haven't touched the sewing machine let alone look at it.  All I want, the only thing on my mind is fabric.  I need to crave out some time to finish my project.  I'm hoping I can figure out a way to work and sew.

Patterns ohhh Patterns

I think I'm addicted...  my biggest problem is finding time to sew.  Today I entered the store...what store...Joann's.  That always leads to trouble.  McCall patterns $1.99 and Vogue patterns $4.99.  Oh boy!!! Unfortunately, I still can't find one pattern.
I have to admit, at first, I did not like this pattern because it's so short.  I Changed my mind as soon as I saw Sew my time's version.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on that pattern.

Foxxy Stitches: My Journey to Becoming a Sewist

Sewing...why?   Why not? Because dresses like the one below does not come in my size.

Oh did I mention that I am society's version of "plus size"?  Well I am plus size and "full busted".  With that said, shopping is not easy.  So I want to learn how to sew.  I want to sew like an expert.  I know this won't be easy but I'm ready for an adventure.
I am a beginner and I know I will have a lot of questions.  Please feel free to leave comments tips and advice.