First pattern just for me. VOGUE 8790

I've made a few garments without a pattern.  Some items I have not worn.  I think I've made about 25 items.  This first pattern for myself  is a beautiful blouse.  I love wrap blouses and wrap dresses.  I think I look good in them.  Wait... I make them look good. :-).
Blue is my favorite color.  
Fabric used: Rayon Spandex
I selected this blouse because it's labeled very easy.  So I am a newbie but this pattern was not very easy.  I'm not complaining, I do love a challenge. 

I love this blouse so much that I'm making one with 3/4 sleeves for my mom with a yellow Rayon Spandex.

The finished garment was very long so I cut off 2.5 inches.  

I'm going to wear this blouse on Sunday.  I will upload a picture then.