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Good Morning From South Beach

Good Morning!

Look at this view!  Isn't it beautiful! 

It has been a while since I've sat in front of my sewing machine.  With Spring Break and working at a different property, it has been difficult to make time to sew.  I will be back next week with a post.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Floral Jacket McCall 7440

This is my first time working with Georgette fabric.  I had this fabric in my stash since last year.  Actually this is the first piece of fabric I purchased from Joann's.

Georgette fabric is not easy to cut.  The fabric constantly moves.  Finally, I weighted my fabric down with cans of corn. Lol. Yes you read correctly corn.

Needle: 70/10
Pins: Extra Fine Sharp pins
Cutting tool:  I used scissors but next time I will try a rotary cutter
Ironing: Test a scrap piece before ironing.  I put my iron on the lowest setting

I've never sewn darts in a sleeve before. Interesting look. I don't think I own any RTW with sleeve darts.  From this picture you can't see the dart in this picture but it's there.

The Georgette fabric is sheer so I decided to make French seams to add a nice tough.

First times:
Sewing Raglan sleevesSewing darts into sleevesSewing French Seams
I omitted the back piece and used the overlay as the back.

Next time I will use a jersey fabric. Ma…

Simplicity and New Look Summer Patterns

There's definitely a few Patterns that I would like to make.  These patterns have a lot of options for  beginners.  There's also Patterns designed for pattern hacking which makes this seasons' patterns kind of fun.  Becoming a sewist is an adventure that allows you to use your creativity in order to create great garments.  So seeing patterns that are designed for Hacking is just opening that door to be as creative as you want to tbe and not stay in the box.  I'm excited to see what these sewing patterns will produce! The Top pattern on my list:

Mimi G's Simplicity 8394

She has always released patterns that make heads turn.  To create this look, I will need to lengthen the bodice. I can see this set in a royal blue.

Next on my like list: Simplicity 8386. I love View C. I can dress it up or down

8392 Look good while working out.  Oh Yeah!

#8391-I think I can make View A and B for my tween

8390 has a waist tie!!!  Love it!!!

Simplicity 8379
I love the draping on the …

Animal Print

Animal prints, I don't have any garments in an animal print.  Maybe I think it will bring out the animal in me. Lol!

Anyone who has kids has most likely heard of Austin and Ally on the Disney channel.  Ally's best friend Trish was obsessed with animal print.

Trish is in the dress on the right Here she is again on the right

There's an episode where Dez, Austin's best friend wore almost $1000 worth of animal print apparel.

It wasn't until that episode that I realized there was major difference in animal prints.  I guess I assumed since most animal prints are brown that they are all cheetah print.  Man, am I wrong!  So I figured I would show lists the different animal prints.

Leopard Safari Leopard Jaguar Cow Zebra
Snake Cheetah This is just a few of the different animal prints.  They come in different colors and shades. 

Looking at the different prints has motivated me to try at list one animal print garment…

Striped Handkerchief Dress

Who does not love a handkerchief hem dress?  I am absolutely in love with them!!!  They add such a beautiful illusion to the hem.  This dress was inspired by a RTW I saw in Nordstrom's.  Unfortunately, they did not have anymore dresses in my daughter's size.  That's the great part about sewing! 

When I started this project I studied a handkerchief skirt. It didn't take long to figure out how to achieve the handkerchief hem. I traced this pattern by using a straight dress.

At the waistline, I added 2 large squares, one square on each side.

My daughter loves to twirl in dresses.


Matching the stripes was first. Yes, I said it--EASY!  I pinned the front and back pieces together matching the stripes.  When I started to sew my pieces on my machine everything went haywire. I was working with a jersey knit which stretches. To keep the stripes aligned I moved very slowly.

First time: Sewing a dress using a RTW garment as the pattern pieceSewing a handkerchief …