Vogue Summer Pattern Release

The "Big 4" released some beautiful patterns this spring.   BUT.....Vogue has just released their Summer Patterns and they are hot!  Have you seen their release?  If you're planning to slay this summer this is how you do it!!!  I want to make every pattern from this collection but I know that's not realistic.
Vogue 1542 
Super cute.   Someone get engaged and invite me to your wedding.  I need an event to wear this dress to.

Vogue 1545
For a plus size Diva like myself the front bodice is cut too low.   However, with some modifications this dress might make it to my closet.
Vogue 1546
I love everything about this dress, especially the back band.
Vogue 1548
I love this dress but I wouldn't wear it.  Don't hold me to that. Anything is possible.

Vogue 1550
This would be beautiful in a yellow or white linen.  This is not my style but my mom would love this pattern. 
Vogue 9257
Can I say YESSSSS!  Need I say more.

Vogue 9259
This jumper screams summer!  This will be a popular make in the sewing world. Mark my words.

Vogue 9263
I've made a purse before but nothing this detailed.  I would like to try my hand at this.

I can't wait to see what the other Commercial companies have up their sleeves.

~Happy Sewing!~