Animal Print

Animal prints, I don't have any garments in an animal print.  Maybe I think it will bring out the animal in me. Lol!

Anyone who has kids has most likely heard of Austin and Ally on the Disney channel.  Ally's best friend Trish was obsessed with animal print.

Trish is in the dress on the right
Here she is again on the right

There's an episode where Dez, Austin's best friend wore almost $1000 worth of animal print apparel.

It wasn't until that episode that I realized there was major difference in animal prints.  I guess I assumed since most animal prints are brown that they are all cheetah print.  Man, am I wrong!  So I figured I would show lists the different animal prints.

Premier Prints Leopard Brown/Natural
Safari Leopard
Timeless Treasures Safari Leopard Skin Leopard
Call of the Wild Jaguar Brown
Velboa Faux Fur Cow Black/White
Velboa Faux Fur Zebra Black/Brown
Minky Cuddle Baby Giraffe Cappuccino
Telio Dragon Snake Sweater Knit Black/Gold
P. Kaufmann Cheetah Earth Fabric
This is just a few of the different animal prints.  They come in different colors and shades. 

Looking at the different prints has motivated me to try at list one animal print garment.