April Sewing Plan

It's April!

Happy April Fools day!  I hope you're not out there being a prankster.

I'm ready for this month because I am going on vacation!!!!  Woohoo!  I'm not going to get much sewing done this month. I am going to Plan 4 projects.

I will definitely make a dress this month.  I'm not sure which pattern. Here's my options:
McCall 6884, McCall 7531, or Simplicity Mimi G  8334

Please let me know which dress I should make.  Comment below or shoot me an email.

I definitely will be making a dress for my 6 year. She is persistent!  I might start with her dress first.
For her I've narrowed it down to: New Look 6442 or Simplicity 8351.

I have a jumper or romper planned for my 3 year old.

My last item will be from my January Sewing Plan.  I only have two items left.

If I have enough time I want to make Simplicity 8354 for the 11 year old daughter.  I think she would look great in both views. 
And New Look 6501 for my 9 month old.

Let's see what happens.

Happy Sewing!