Zipper Back Pencil Skirt

After making my Company Holiday Party Dress, I had a little over a yard and a half of fabric left. I do not believe in wasting fabric and I use my resources wisely (I am a Girl Scout).
 I do not own a pencil skirt that hugs my figure.  For some odd reason I can never find a decent pencil skirt.  If you find a RTW plus size pencil size that will flatter my figure please let me know!
I could not find a simple pencil skirt pattern for stretch fabrics.  I achieved this look with Mimi G's Simplicity pattern #1283.  I cut the skirt back and the lining front to make this skirt.  Yes, that's what I said, the lining front.  I had to refer back to my tips for working with Velvet.  Thank goodness for taking good notes.

This skirt was less than a yard to make. I knew it would be hella cute with a zipper back.  

Front Dart woohoo!!!!
The hem of my skirt is actually the salvage of my fashion fabric.  I love the salvage so much that I wanted to show it.  And there it is!

The hardest part was the zipper. After three tries, I was finally able to install the zipper without the fabric bunching up.  I am in love with this skirt.  It is not a perfect fit .  This pattern still needs some tweaking.  But, I am happy with the end result and will definitely make another pencil skirt.
I am losing weight Yeah!!!!  Woohoo! Unfortunately, I am losing my butt boooooo! 
Next on the cutting board:
Simplicity 1382
We're approaching the end of the school year and my oldest daughter has a few events coming up.  I  ordered two dresses online but, I decided that I should make her a dress as well.   Before diving into this pattern I had a figure out some things first.  This pattern stops at a size 16.  My daughter is a size 18.  I figured that I would grade this pattern up to a size 20.  I don't remember where I heard this, but you can only grade a pattern two sizes up before the sizing gets distorted.

Then I made a muslin.  I hate making muslins but this dress needs to fit perfectly.

This is the front bodice which should be cut on the fold but like an idiot I was not paying attention and I cut two.  Follow directions!!!

I had to sew my the bodice in the center.  That's definitely going to screw up my front bodice. 

I have lost my mind.  This is my first time grading up a pattern.  I've made a mistake some where.  My front and back side seams do not line up.  I am going crazy!