Skirt Fit-A-Long--Week One

Before I begin, I need to make a pledge. I, Foxxy, will not purchase any Pre-Fall 2017 sewing patterns until I have completed 75% of the remaining items on my summer plan. That shouldn't be to hard to accomplish.  I have 14 items left to make.  75% of 14 is 10.5.  That's not too bad.  I can do it.  I just have stay focused.  Wish me luck!

Skirt Fit-a-long

Andrea from Sew-to-Fit, is hosting a Skirt Fit-A-Long for the month of June.  I'm obsessed with skirts.  It would be great to have a perfectly fitted pencil skirt.  They're already on week 3, but I am going to start working on my skirt this week.

I noticed a few more fit-a-longs that I would like to participate in,at my own pace of course.  Oh but she is going to do a Swimsuit Fit-A-Long next which I definitely want to follow along.

First things first, I need to select a pencil skirt pattern from my ridiculously large Pattern Stash. Check out her video here.

I can't really see the difference in the patterns.  I guess when I look at the pattern pieces, I will probably figure it out.

Have a terrific Sunday.  Happy Sewing