Vogue Fall 2017 Pattern Release and Burda August Issue

Sorry! I haven't had much time to sew and post. July was a crazy month! I started 5 projects but I haven't had enough motivation to complete any of them. Just pitiful! Hopefully I will projects done in August.
Before, I get carried away. Let's move on to the Vogue Fall pattern Release.
Sadly, I am not thrilled about this release. I know. I know it's Vogue so there's always at least one pattern that I cannot live without. This release is meh.

Vogue 1558 has pleats in the waistline.  IF and thats a strong if.  If I make this dress i would make it with a solid fabric.  I think burgundy would be nice.

Vogue 9276 View C and A both nice.  I don't know what's going on View D.

Vogue 9272 it is a basic tunic.  Everyone needs an everyday tunic.

Vogue 1559.I love every pattern Guy Laroche designs.  This is cute but not for me.   Pattern Hack Idea:  Use the bodice of this pattern to make an off the shoulder jacket.  That would be cute!!!

Vogue 1556  well I love the belt.  I hate wearing shirts under dresses.  So remove the shirt and raise the neckline and we might have a winner.

Vogue 9265 This has some potential.  Lengthening the sleeve would make this look cute.  Yes!  I might pick up this pattern.
Vogue 9267  I love patterns with multiple options.  It makes it easier to hack the pattern.
Vogue 9266 This is cute even though this look was worn by Mrs. Trump.
Vogue 9268 Cute hem but it would be cuter with a round neckline.

Vogue 1554 I love the lace in the hem.  This pattern has some potential.  I can't wait to see the different version in the Sewing Community.

That's all she wrote!  Drop the mic!

There's 5 Ufos in my sewing bag,that I am determine to complete this month.  First up a pair of shorts for my son.
This is what happens when you're son select the fabric.  He wanted all of his favorite superheroes in one place.

Have you seen the Burda August patterns?  Fabu!!!!
This dress is divine!  This looks advance so I will probably never make this.

I'm not sure what's going on with the model's slip but this dress. Wow! 
This is hot!  Especially in Red.

Oh my goodness.  I don't know which view I love the most, short, midi, and long all cute.

Long version!  I must have.
This skirt would be cute on my tween.

 The animal print with the belt.  I am
 Another great skirt.

I have to try this pattern.

Help!!! Where can I purchase the August 2017 magazine without having to purchase a year long subscription? 
Well, that's all for now.  Hopefully my next post will be a pattern review for a complete project.