Help needed

Here is my dream dress!  I know you've seen it on my blog before.

I was shopping at the mall yesterday and saw a lime green knit dress just like this one.  The one at the mall was not exactly the same but it was close enough to remind me of Vogue 1531.

I fell in love with this pattern all over again.  So I have to make it.  I have to, have to, have to!!!

More fitting issues but a different project. SMH!

I made this bodice muslin a long time ago.  My birthday is coming up and I would like to wear this dress.  

The neckline is too big.  What should I do?

I think the back looks good.  Right?

Coming Soon:
  • Simplicity 8383
  • McCall 7436
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Tween Skirt
15 Minutes of Sewing

McCall 7543-Step 8 narrow hemming the sleeves. 

Summer Sewing Plan: 6 more...
Vogue 1531-Muslin stage  (now on the top of my list)
Simplicity 3182-Almost done!
New Look 6434-pattern cut
Simplicity 8304-done. Photos coming soon
See & Sew 5908-pattern and fabric cut
Vogue 8898- need to select fabric

Sewing Basket
Kwik Sew Mom Top

Fall Sewing Plan:  There's 30 items on my list.  That's not realistic.  My head is spinning just thinking about it.  I am going start over.  I might make a capsule.  Oh that's a great idea.


  1. Found your blog from your PR thread! I just love reading planning posts. :) I'm sure you'll get the help you need on the neckline question over there.

  2. Thank you KS! I love PR and all of the members are very helpful.


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