March Sewing Plan

February was not too bad. I completed a few items on my Sewing Plan and made an item from my January list. Woohoo!
March Sewing Plan is a little different. I am only going to select two items for my March Sewing Plan. I noticed that sometimes I have a sudden urge to make something and it's not on my sewing plan. So I tell myself, maybe next month. This month, I am going to sew spontaneously.  Whatever pops into my mind will be what I sew this month. This should be exciting!!!

I will continue to work on Vogue 1531 and I will definitely select one item from my January Sewing Plan and then I am going to sew on the whim. Next month, my family will go on a one week vacation.  I think I will start with vacation wear.  Once I select an item to make I will post a picture of the pattern cover on my sidebar. Stay toned for March Mystery Sewing Plan.

From January's Sewing Plan:

Two Projects for March: