2nd Quarter Update

Most Worn Garment Award Goes to... McCall 6884 
Soooo, it wasn't until yesterday that I realized I did not post a Makes post for April or May.  Now it's July which makes this my 2nd quarter makes post. This is not in any particular order. 
June was a great month.

- Self-draft Handkerchief Hem Dress for my Tween (I want to try to make this dress again in a lightweight fabric
-Floral Print Jacket McCall 7441
-Animal Print Flounce Skirt McCall 7540
-Animal Print Skirt for my mom McCall 7540
-Red Velvet Zipper Back Pencil Skirt Simplicity 1283
-Tye Dye stripe shirt Kwik Sew 4207 
-McCall 7573 Floral Top
-Turquoise Slub dress Simplicity 8379
-blue print dress Simplicity 8379
-Pink funky print pillowcase for my daughter's field trip
-Gold Pillowcase (not blogged)  even before I started this sewing journey, I have always made pillowcases for my family.  It is almost a game to figure out who's going to get the next pillowcase.  And my kids love their custom made presents.
-pink mini skirts (not blogged)
-Leggings Simplicity 8304 (post coming soon)
-Dress Simplicity 8124 (post coming soon, I still need to take pictures
-Wrap Dress McCall 6884
-Simplicity 1451-mini me top

 Wow...That's 16 projects.  Not bad for three months.
Work in Progress

Tween Party Dress Pink Floral Simplicity 1382

2nd Quarter Awards

My favorite make: Self draft Handkerchief tween dress
Most difficult make: Velvet Pencil Skirt
Most worn garment: Wrap Dress McCall 6884 (I'm wearing it right now) :-)
Least worn garment: Velvet Pencil Skirt (it's super hot down here.  So, Velvet is not the best fabric to wear in 120 degree weather.  This skirt will be worn again in the fall.

Year to date:  
I've made 38 items.
13 garments for myself