McCall Early Fall Collection

Finally!  McCall released their Early Fall Collection.   I'm happy with their release and hope I make some of these patterns.
First up my must have list:
McCall 7626: I want to make all 4 views!  I love View A the most! look at the belt. Yeah this is it!

McCall 7627: I want to make this pattern first!  Here comes the impulsive sewing bug.  The sleeves for View B is on fire!  
McCall 7634:  I love all 4 views.  My daughter would love View D with the cold shoulder.

McCall 7632: View D is my favorite.  

The following patterns I like them but probably won't make them:
McCall 7620:  I really like this pattern. I am not sure if this Style would look good on me.  During my next shopping trip I am going to try on a few dresses like this. If this style looks good on me, I will love this pattern to the must have list.

McCall 7617:  I only like View A and C.   I'm not fond of the collar. 
McCall 7618:cute pattern.
McCall 7635
McCall 7630:  To me this is another version of 7542 which a few more sleeve options.
McCall 7638:  I love this pattern but my husband would never wear this.  Maybe I could make View F for my son. 

I love the bomber jacket collection.  I will buy these patterns if I find the perfect fabric to make them with.

Progress Report
15 minutes of sewing:
McCall 7602 It's almost done.  I need the clean up the inside.  My garments must look good inside and out!

I need to take photos of three completed projects. 

Confession time:
Do you remember the pledge I made two weeks ago (click here) ? Well, I failed.  I couldn't help it.  Let me explain.  I was in Joanns and there was a sale. The two patterns that I really wanted were right in front of me in the display.  So I bought them. I only bought two patterns.  Only two.