Bam Simplicity 8202B

Ladies and gentlemen it is done and ready to mingle.  8202B took forever to make.  Or maybe it felt like forever because I was ready to see the final product or because I didn't have a lot of time to work on it daily. It has been pretty crazy at work recently and when  I get home  I rarely have time to sew. Se Lavi!

What I Learned:

Buttonholes and Buttons:

I couldn't find the manual for the sewing machine so I kind of winged  it.  The buttonhole foot was tricky.  either way its done.  Woo woo!!!  I couldn't figure out the button foot so the buttons were hand sewn on.

I made this dress for my little Babouska (nickname).  She's slim but tall for a six year old.

I cut a size 7 in length but a size 4 waist.  In the end I still had to cut 3 inches from the waist. My skinny Minnie!   I love her so much.

She's definitely going to be a model.