Simplicity 8202E--Oh yeah!!

Well I'm celebrating two birthdays in 4 days.  My beautiful 6 year old daughter and my handsome 9 year old son.  I decided to use my new skill to make something for my baby girl.  It took me three days to try to complete this project between work and being a mom. 

My daughter loves pink and flowers.  We found this beautiful cotton fabric at Joann's.  I really love that place!!  I made Simplicity 8202 Pattern E the little purse on the right.

Finally a great project for a newbie like me.  It allowed me to practice skills that I know and learn a new skill- Lining.  I used a bright pink/fuchsia cotton fabric to line her purse.  The instructions asks to cut the other material 4 times but I wanted the lining brighter than the other fabric. 
This is a awesome pattern to try.  My daughter wants dress B.  Of course I have to make my little girl happy so I need to figure out how to make it.