Hurricane Purse

Living in South Florida has its flaws. Flaw # 1 to 100 hurricane season.  So Hurricane Matthew wanted to visit us this week   I've never experienced a hurricane so it was a big deal and my husband was panicking.  But God is awesome and didn't allow Matthew to come.  We had some rain and wind and we lost power for an hour but that was it.

Yesterday, I left work early which means one thing...extra time to sew. :-)  WOOHOO!  Please meet my hurricane purse

Pattern: Mccall 9132

Fabric: Canvas purchased at Hobby Lobby

Lining is a quilting cotton purchased at Wal-Mart

Mccall 9132 took a lot longer than it should have taken.  I didn't do a good job following the instructions.  I should have my kids give me a lecture about following directions.  :-) Pieces were sewn on wrong, I do not own a zipper foot, and I broke 2 needles. Horrible!!!  Now I'm best friends with my seam ripper.

Lesson learned!

What should I make next???