Duct Tape Madness

For about two months I have been looking for a dressform. Joann's has the Dritz My Double Dressform for $300.  If a wait for an awesome sale or coupon I could probably pay half price for it.  Or I will have to save up money to it full price. Until I found this awesome video.

Last night, I'm at home and a light bulb lights up! Bing!   I should make a dressform!  There has to be a way to make one.  After searching online, I found an awesome video on YouTube.  Check out this video if you would like to make a duct tape dress form.

You will need a lot of duct tape.  I used 5 rolls of duct tape and ran out in the process of applying the 3rd layer.  The video recommends 5 layers.  My awesome husband was very patient with me last night. 

My family sat in the living room looking at me like a MAD WOMEN!  I couldn't stop laughing.  So the first part is done. 

Tonight my new dressform will be filled with newspapers.
It is not pretty but its the right measurements.

She needs a name
Progress Report

There's a couple projects in the making. 
  • Simplicity 8202B: I still need to stitch the bodice and skirt together and install buttons
  • New Look 6449B: I need to reinstall the facing.  I did a horrible job the first time
  • McCall 7441C:  Need to install the sleeves
  • Simplicity 8124: Pattern cut but I'm not sure if I like the fabric I choose.  Back to the drawing board