A student once again

I consider myself a beginner to garment maker not to sewing.  When I was a teen my mom taught my brother and me how to sew home décor.  After all these years I still get a rush when I sit in front of a sewing machine.  As a baby to garment sewingI'm learning a lot.  It feels good to learn something new.  YouTube and Sewing Books, and sewing magazines like Threads and Vogue Pattern have blown my mind.  So much to learn.

In order to start my journey I knew I needed to get a sewing refresher.  There's some awesome beginner videos on YouTube which are linked below.
I've watched all of their videos and each one taught me a lot!!!

Threads Magazine has a great article "Sewing Tip: How and Why to Sew Directionally".  I never knew there was a direction to sew.  I wish I found this article before I sewed my first garment. 

Many of the blog sites use abbreviations.  I have to admit that I was intimidated but not anymore.  Here's some of the abbreviations and meanings.

Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) most patterns are drafted for a B bra cup.  A Fba is done to the bodice of the garment to increase or decrease the bust cup.

Ready to Wear (RTW) clothing you buy at the store

Unfinished Object (UFO) in the beginning of my adventure I had a few of them.  I think I should go back and finish them.

There's a lot of different stitches out there!  For my Hurricane Purse I used a slip stitch

Slip Stitch ( not the slip stitch to start a Crochet project) used the finish a project that has lining. Example:  A purse with lining will be sewed with a machine except for one small hole.  That hole will be closed with a slipstitch.  Once the lining is closed it was impossible to see where the slipstitch was done. Check out this video by Professor Pincushion.