Vogue 1520 8 Days Left

✔Learning and singing and singing and learning in the rain.

This is my first adventure with Velvet.  I had to figure out how to cut the fabric on the "nap"
The Nap of my fabric not a nap on my bed. (A midday nap would be nice!). So the nap can be determined by running your hand on the fabric.  One direction will feel nice and smooth while the opposite direction will feel rough.   The soft and smooth side is the right way.  One I figured out the nap, I drew an arrow with chalk on the fabric to indicate the nap.

Next consists of cutting my pattern pieces

As for tools needed:
✔Red velvet fabric
✔2 7 inch zippers for sleeves
✔1 22 inch zipper for back of dress
✔Stretch needle
✔Silk thread

Step 1 involved ruffling the armhole and front bodice side.  For some odd reason I love ruffling.  More tomorrow...

Progress Report Now that you've seen my progress on 1520, here's an update on 2016 Sewing Plan.  My goal is to complete every project by December 31st. 
  • Simplicity 8202B: Done. Done. Done. (I'm singing and dancing in the rain...)
  • New Look 6449B: I need to reinstall the facing.  I did a horrible job the first time
  • McCall 7441C:  Need to install the sleeves (I'm really scared of sleeves)
  • Simplicity 8124: Pattern cut but I'm not sure if I like the fabric I choose.  Back to the drawing board
  • Vogue 1520: Cut pattern and Fabric
  • Baby Leggings:  Partner And Fabric cut. Wearable Muslim Done
  • Sew much ado Infant peasant dress: Done!  Photos coming soon.
  • Sew much ado Infant peasant dress with scallop edge and larger:
  • Simplicity : Infant set Done! Photos coming soon.  
  • Simplicity shorts: Done! Photos coming soon!
  • See and Sew : shorts set for kids.  Done!  Photos coming soon!
  • Simplicity 8110: make at least 3 bibs
  • Vogue 9173: skirt for mommy  Could not find the fabric so I am making her a dress instead. 

I have a lot of pictures to take.  :-)