Vogue 1520--7 Days Left (Working with Velvet)

Working with Velvet

Velvet is kind of tricky.  I've heard this saying a million times.  But I am going to say "Velvet can be tricky to work with unless you have the right tools."  I have a feeling that this time next year I am going to work with velvet again.  So I am going to take good notes.

Velvet slides easily, so pin about every centimeter.
Cutting: use a good pair of scissors.   tried both a rotary cutter and a brand new pair of scissors.  The scissors worked beautifully.
Ironing velvet is terrifying.  Use a hand held steamer.  Steam velvet upside down
Do not fold velvet, hang it up on a hanger attaches to safety pins
Before cutting check the nap.
When selecting a project try to select something simple without darts

Pressor Foot: Walking Foot
Sewing Machine Needle: 70/12
Thread: Silk
Pins: extra long satin pins

Final tip: When you're done making your project
Rock it like a Rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!